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Hi friends!

Ivan's here, with a monthly roundup from

I just finished an article on Kubernetes, and as always, it took me million hours to get from the first draft to a decent quality write-up. For better or for worse, there is no such thing for me as quick writing. But now it's getting late over here, so I'll have to keep the newsletter rather short.

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What I Was Working On

Continuing the June theme, I managed to find some time in July to work on my (not so) secret Kubernetes UI. The visualizations are much smoother now (check out that rolling Deployment recording below), but the rest of the changes were mostly plumbing and hardening, so no new functional to demo yet.

What I Was Writing

There is one but rather big article I'd like to share this month: How Kubernetes Reinvented Virtual Machines. This article might feel less technical than my usual writing, but the intent was to tell a relatable story. It's based on my 10+ years of experience and observation of how people develop, deploy, and operate web services. And it's an illustrated one! Just to give you some taste:

I've also been pretty active on Twitter and published a few threads you may find interesting (or controversial):

Last but not least, DockerSlim officially announced its Docker Compose support. Now you can optimize images that are a part of the compose service definition with a single command. And while I didn't participate in the technical implementation of this feature, I'm happy to share the news 🎉

What I Was Reading

Stay Tuned

And this is it for July. Stay safe and healthy!


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