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Hi friends!

It's Ivan again, with my traditional roundup of all things around iximiuz.com.

Remember that article on Kubernetes I mentioned last time? While I was finishing the last month's issue, the article made it to the front page of Hacker News, thanks to its controversial title: How Kubernetes Reinvented Virtual Machines. When I was done with the newsletter work, I got pleasantly surprised by the number of new readers on the blog. At moments like that, you know for sure that all these hours of suffering writing are worth it!

And now to the updates & announcements!

SPONSORED How Passwordless Works is yet another masterpiece from Teleport. Not a typical shallow corporate blog publication but a deep technical write-up explaining how the new Web Authentication protocol works. If everything goes well, we'll soon be having one more key on our physical keychains, and the days of passwords and password managers will be gone.



I've been dodging invitations to speak since forever (well, I'm a writing guy), but this month I finally decided to give it a try:

I'm looking forward to these streams (but, hell, am I nervous!), and I hope you'll tune in too!


What I Was Working On

I've been doing a lot of research this month on how to produce small(er), fast(er), and secure(r) container images. Most of the results are yet to become articles, but I already have something to share: In Pursuit of Better Container Images: Alpine, Distroless, Apko, Chisel, DockerSlim, oh my!​

On the birdy-side of things, there was a bunch of tweets that attracted people's attention:


What I Was Reading


Stay Tuned

Well, that was a big one... But I want to believe I shared only the worthy bits! I should probably start sending this newsletter twice a month to make it more digestible, though πŸ˜‡

Stay safe and healthy!


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